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Adhesive Overspray

Overspray…what is it? Overspray is extra adhesive that is sprayed out, that doesn’t actually land on the parts being bonded.

Overspray is quite high with most adhesive spray systems, and can cost the user 30-70%. The problem with overspray, is that it’s wasted adhesive. That means there is a certain percentage of each container of glue that gets wasted, and wasted adhesive = wasted money. Not only is overspray an expensive way to waste adhesive, it also can get quite messy, and can lead to inhalation.

The best way to prevent overspray, is to use a system that wastes less adhesive, and to ensure that persons are properly trained to use the adhesive system. What type of adhesive should you use instead? It depends on the application, but in many cases you can still use spray adhesives, you just need a better spraying system. Here is where canister systems come in!

Canister systems are an adhesive spraying system that consists of a pressurized canister of adhesive, and a hose, gun and spray tip. This system is simple and easy-to-use, and needs no other equipment or external air. With the canister system, you get a portable system with controllable spray – saving you 30-70% more adhesive!

Eager to get started with canister system adhesives? Contact us today, and let us know your application and the substrates you’re bonding – we’d be happy to guide you through to a cost-saving, overspray-reducing adhesive solution!