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Product Spotlight: TensorGrip P308

TensorGrip P308 – what is it?

P308 is one of the pressurized canister system adhesives that we carry, a real performer in the industry! 

Which industry? Well, several. Marine and transportation, to name a few. If you fit into one of these industries, continue reading below!

TensorGrip P308 is a web spray contact adhesive, best used on carpeting and foam applications. It has many benefits placing it ahead of other adhesives used in the industry, some of them being:

  • Low VOC

  • HAPs Free

  • High Heat Resistance (over 200°F)

  • And many more!

This high tack adhesive has a high build, meaning it can be used on porous and less smooth surfaces. It is easy on the environment, maintaining compliance with stringent California VOC requirements (SCAQMD Rule 1168). Being a very versatile adhesive, P308 can be used on substrates other than carpeting and foam, including fabric, leather, rubber and vinyl.

Want to know how you can use this adhesive in your application? Contact us today, and let us know your industry, applications, and substrates – we would love to advise you on the best adhesives and process for your applications!