Product Spotlight: TensorGrip P390

TensorGrip P390

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TensorGrip P390 – what is it?

TensorGrip P390 is a non-flammable, non-methylene chloride web spray canister system adhesive. It is a multi-purpose adhesive which bonds a variety of different substrates. It bonds applications across a variety of industries, including the woodworking, foam/fabric and pipe insulation industries.

P390 bonds laminate, foam, metal/aluminum sheeting, plastics and MDF, as well as difficult-to-bond substrates such as unsanded melamine, memory foam and polyurethane foam. This fast-tack adhesive has a long open time and high heat resistance, and comes in several different sizes of fully portable systems. P390 is HAPs-free and has the lowest VOC content of non-flammable non-methylene chloride adhesives.

Curious to know if this product can be used in your application? Contact us and let us know your application and the substrates you’re bonding, and we’d be happy to provide our recommendations!

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