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Product Spotlight: TensorGrip S101

TensorGrip S101

TensorGrip S101 is a citrus cleaner/adhesive remover, available in aerosols and canister systems. It has a pleasant citrus scent, and is not a harsh solvent.

S101 is non-corrosive and biodegradable, designed to safely remove adhesives and other tough substances across all industries. With its excellent cleaning and degreasing power, S101 is suitable for use on most surfaces and is compatible with most plastics. It is also used to purge guns, hoses and other adhesive equipment. It can even be used to remove decal residue, and is safe to use on powder-coated surfaces. In fact, TensorGrip S101 is safer than most cleaners/adhesives removers commonly used in the industry!

TensorGrip S101 comes in multiple sizes to suit your needs – 650ml aerosol cans, 7L disposable canisters, and 22L disposable canisters.

Excited to start using this cleaner? Contact us today, we’d love to help you get started with S101!