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TensorGrip P390

Product Spotlight: TensorGrip P390

TensorGrip P390 – what is it? TensorGrip P390 is a non-flammable, non-methylene chloride web spray canister system adhesive. It is a multi-purpose adhesive which bonds a variety of different substrates. It bonds applications across a variety of industries, including the woodworking, foam/fabric and pipe insulation industries. P390 bonds laminate, foam, metal/aluminum sheeting, plastics and MDF, as …

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TensorGrip P323

Product Spotlight: TensorGrip P323

TensorGrip P323 TensorGrip P323 is a web spray, pressure-sensitive, canister system adhesive, designed for use in the EPS industry. It is best used in applications bonding EPS foam. TensorGrip P323 is ideal for these types of applications, as it is very strong and very aggressive, adhering to nearly any substrate. This adhesive has excellent high …

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TensorGrip P308

Product Spotlight: TensorGrip P308

TensorGrip P308 – what is it? P308 is one of the pressurized canister system adhesives that we carry, a real performer in the industry!  Which industry? Well, several. Marine and transportation, to name a few. If you fit into one of these industries, continue reading below! TensorGrip P308 is a web spray contact adhesive, best used on carpeting …

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Canister Systems

Canister Systems = Efficiency

Why Are Canister Systems More Efficient? Have you ever wondered why canister systems are more efficient than traditional methods of applying adhesive? It’s because with modern technology, we can enclose the adhesive in a pressurized canister, significantly reducing the amount of solvent required to mix into the adhesive. This means that we can put more adhesive into …

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TensorGrip P307

Product Spotlight: TensorGrip P307

TensorGrip P307 TensorGrip P307 is a CA compliant contact adhesive. It’s a multi-purpose canister system adhesive that provides a very aggressive bond to nearly any surface. P307 can be used in applications across a variety of industries, including the woodworking, insulation, transportation and signage industries, as well as in many general industry applications. P307 bonds …

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