Product Spotlight: ForzaTAPE™ T220

What is ForzaTAPE™ T220? T220 is one of our acrylic high bond double-sided tapes, used for a variety of applications in trailer, transportation, marine, signage, and home appliance manufacturing. With its shockproof and soundproof characteristics, T220 is a great adhesive solution for almost any industry. ForzaTAPE™ T220 can be used in many applications but has been …

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Product Spotlight: ForzaTAPE™ T532

ForzaTAPE™ T532 ForzaTAPE™ T532 is one of our double-coated tapes – a pressure-sensitive foam mounting tape with a highly aggressive synthetic rubber adhesive. ForzaTAPE™ T532 is used across many different industries, but is most commonly used in the display and signage industry for the manufacturing and maintenance of signs, trophies, plaques, name plates and other similar applications. …

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