Benefits of Neoprenes

Benefits of Neoprenes

The Benefits of Neoprenes What are neoprenes? Neoprenes are a base primarily used in solvent adhesives. They’re used for bonding HPL (high-pressure laminate), and some foams. What makes neoprene-based adhesive a good alternative to other adhesives commonly used in the industry? For one, they are more plasticizer-resistant than SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) based adhesives. Neoprenes also have …

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solvent-based vs water-based adhesives

Solvent-Based vs Water-Based

Solvent-based vs water-based adhesives – what’s the scoop? Solvent-based adhesives use solvents as a carrier for the resin, whereas water-based adhesives use water as a carrier for the resin. Either type of adhesive can be beneficial, depending on the application. Both types are available in several different delivery systems, including canister systems. Water-based adhesives are usually …

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Solvent-Based Adhesives

Solvent-Based Adhesives

Solvent-Based Adhesives: Dispelling the Myths Solvent-based adhesives – what are they? Solvent-based adhesives are industrial adhesives that use solvents as a carrier for the resin. They are quite versatile and can be used across any industry, in many different applications. They are very high performance and are great on lamination applications, and for bonding difficult-to-bond …

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