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Empty Canister Returns / Form

Empty Canister Policy and Procedures

As a convenience to our customers and a green initiative, Forza will pay the shipping charges to return used and empty intermediate returnable canisters.


For shipping and handling economies, we request that the intermediates be aggregated into groups 9 per pallet, palletized and shrink wrapped or strapped in place.

Process for Returning Empty Canisters

Canisters must be returned and pallet must be filled.

Canisters must be securely fastened to pallet.

Form at link must be filled out completely and returned via email to:

Failure to meet full pallet requirement will result in shipping charges.

Failure to return empty canisters may result in a core fee being assessed.

After receiving an email from Forza containing the Bill of Lading and RMA documents, the Requester is responsible for attaching the RMA document securely to the pallet and handing over the BOL to the driver picking up the pallet.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Note: mobile phone users may need to select “Save to Files” option on the PDF form to fill out the fields digitally.

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