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Aircraft Interior Adhesive

An Adhesive for Aircraft Interiors

At Applichem Inc, we have partnered with companies in the aircraft industry, to create a versatile contact adhesive designed specifically for aviation interior refurbishment.

A solution that:

  • Has excellent coverage
  • Bonds many substrates found in aircraft interiors
  • Provides rapid bonding of lightweight parts
  • Has good flexibility and great initial tack, as well as high temperature resistance
  • Provides strong, durable bonds – able to withstand the rigorous environment of aircraft interiors

What do we call this solution? Formobond 81-0389.

Where is the best place to use it? Aircraft interiors. Seating and wall panels; also, cabinets, flooring, and most other components of aircraft interiors. Pretty much anywhere inside an aircraft where there’s an adhesive need!

Formobond 81-0389 is shipped out of Council Bluffs, IA, and is recognized globally for its flexible bond.

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