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ForzaBOND™ OS37 is a smooth water-based duct sealant for commercial and residential supply and return air ducts. 


  • Is recommended for sealing joints, seams, and duct wall penetrations. 
  • Is recommended for sealing connections on flexible duct or fiberglass ductboard. 
  • Is recommended up to 15 inches water column pressure. 


  • Excellent Workability 
  • Crack and Peel Resistant 
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant 
  • Excellent Dry Adhesion & Sag Resistant 
  • Indoor and Outdoor Usage 
  • Excellent Water and U.V. Resistance 
  • Collaborative for High Performance Schools Approved 

How to Use

  • Forzabond® OS37 may be used to seal joints on metal, flexible and fiberglass duct board supply and return air duct. 
  • Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of dirt, oil and any foreign matter. 
  • OS37 should be applied to all connections according to SMACNA standards. Brush, caulk, pump or trowell OS37 on all duct seams. 
  • Apply to applied flange corners. Apply to all penetrations in the duct wall including sheet metal screw heads and tie rods. 
  • When caulking, sealant should be brushed into seams. For round and oval spiral duct. 
  • Apply a 2-inch band around outside of joint, covering all screws. For rigid fiberglass air duct: Assemble sections according to the manufacturers recommendations. Apply a 3-inch by 20 mil band to the joint. Embed a fiberglass scrim (5 mil, 20 x 10 plain weave, 1.75 oz per sq. yd.) in the sealant and apply another 20 mil coat over the scrim.Since temperature and humidity conditions may vary, longer cure. 


  • 650 ml Aerosol
  • 22L Canister
  • 108L Canister


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