Advantages of MS Sealants vs Traditional Urethane & Silicone Sealants

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Forza Company’s MS Sealants offer a variety of benefits over traditional urethane and silicone sealants, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. In addition to superior performance characteristics, MS Sealants also provide a safer and more environmentally friendly solution for workers and building occupants.

When it comes to performance, Forza’s MS Sealants outperform urethane and silicone sealants in several key areas. For example, they do not contain solvent and will not shrink during cure, while traditional sealants may contain small amounts of solvent that evaporate and cause shrinkage, which can lead to bond failure and surface cracking over time. MS Sealants are also designed to cure quickly, with a skin over time of fewer than thirty minutes at 720 F (220C) and 50% RH. This minimizes dirt pickup which is common in slower-curing urethanes and silicones that can take days to become tack-free.

In addition, MS Sealants have a low VOC content and are odor-free, which makes them ideal for use in occupied spaces such as schools and offices without concerns of adverse odors or health effects. Most urethane and silicone sealants cannot make this claim. MS Sealants also bonds extremely well to most construction materials such as aluminum, concrete, glass, masonry, steel, wood, vinyl siding, etc. They can even be used for temporary emergency roof repairs in the presence of standing water, provided the substrates are clean and properly prepared.

Safety is also a top priority with Forza’s MS Sealants. Unlike traditional sealants that may contain harmful chemicals and release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, MS Sealants are non-toxic and free from hazardous chemicals. They are also compatible with all forms of solvent-sensitive foam, including EPS, Styrofoam, and EIFS insulation, and will not harm the insulation. In addition, Forza Non-Sag MS Sealant and Self-Leveling MS Sealant do not contain isocyanates, and therefore are not negatively affected by damp surfaces or rain while curing. They will not out-gas or bubble.

Moreover, MS Sealants have excellent regulatory compliance, meeting the requirements of California Regulations: CARB, BAAQMD, and SCAQMD, as well as the Ozone Transport Commission OTC Rule for Sealants. They can be shipped to all fifty states and Canada without restrictions.

Forza’s commitment to quality extends beyond its products to include exceptional customer service and support. The company has the expertise and experience to help customers find the right adhesive solution for their needs, whether they are small business owners or large industrial corporations.

In summary, Forza Company’s MS Sealants are an excellent choice for those looking for high-performance sealants that are safe and environmentally friendly. With their superior performance characteristics, low VOC content, and regulatory compliance, MS Sealants offer the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Forza’s commitment to quality and exceptional customer service ensures that customers have the resources they need to use MS Sealants safely and effectively.

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