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Product Spotlight: Forzatape T464

Forzatape T464

Are you needing a tape that doesn’t fail in cold weather? Enter Forzatape T464!

Forzatape T464 is one of our specialty tapes, a double-sided tape that works exceptionally well in cold weather. It provides a strong bond, even to cold surfaces, and has high initial tack, excellent peel and shear strength, and good cohesive strength.

T464 can be used across many industries, including the insulation, panel building and general fixturing industries. It can be used for insulation jacket, tabbing, sound dampening, packaging, freezer and laminating applications, as well as for general purpose applications throughout most industries. Forzatape T464 bonds a wide variety of substrates used within these applications including many foams, such as XLPE, EPDM, EVA and polyurethane foams. It performs well on paper and corrugate materials (including wax coated corrugate), metals and plastics – even LSE materials!

Eager to start using a tape that won’t fail in cold weather? Contact us and let us know your application and the substrates you are bonding – we’d love to hear from you!