Canister Systems = Efficiency

Canister Systems

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Why Are Canister Systems More Efficient?

Have you ever wondered why canister systems are more efficient than traditional methods of applying adhesive? It’s because with modern technology, we can enclose the adhesive in a pressurized canister, significantly reducing the amount of solvent required to mix into the adhesive. This means that we can put more adhesive into our canisters than can be put into similarly sized drums.

Also, canister systems allow us to put all the gas propellant you need for the amount of adhesive, directly into the canister. This means you no longer need an air compressor, and you can take your canister pretty much anywhere with you.

Attach an airtight hose to your canister, and a gun that controls the amount of adhesive being applied, and you have a system that is easier to use, contains more glue, is more cost effective, and is less messy than traditional adhesive methods. There you go – now you know why canister systems are more efficient!

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