ForzaBOND™ R529 anchor system is a pure epoxy mortar with ETA-option 1 approval, for use in cracked and untracked concrete and is approved to the highest international standards.


  • R529 is a two-component high-strength epoxy adhesive anchoring system designed for bonding steel elements or post-installing reinforcement bars to cracked and untracked concrete. 
  • Ideal for installation in dry, wet and water filled holes
  • Approved for overhead applications
  • Approved for diamond drilled holes for C20 to C60 concrete 


  • Fast Curing Times.
  • Long Shelf Life – 24 month shelf life for longevity.
  • Extensive Range – Wide range of steel element diameter and embedment depths.
  • Easy to Use – Simple installation with low odour formula and long working times. 
  • ETA Option 1 approved

How to Use

  • Using the proper drill bit size,
    drill a hole into the base material to the required depth.
  • Blow the hole clean using a hand pump or compressed air 2 times minimum.
  • Brush the hold with the proper wire brush 2 times minimum.
  • Blow the hole clean using a hand pump or compressed air 2 times minimum.
  • After dispensing a minimum of 3 stroked, fill the hole up to approximately 2/3 with adhesive.
  • Push the steel element into the hole while turning slightly.
  • Allow adhesive to cure for the time specified for the actual concrete temperature.


  • Cartridge
  • 2 Component
  • More upon request


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