ForzaTAPE™ T970 combines a 3 mil nominal dead soft aluminum foil backing with a transparent acrylic adhesive.


  • Aircraft paint stripping maskant.
  • Moisture barrier in “white goods” appliances.
  • General purpose heat reflector and heat dissipater.
  • Mechanically hold wires and cooling coils in “white goods” appliances.
  • Repair tears on truck trailers and aircraft.
  • Splicing of thin gauge foils.
  • General purpose holding, patching, sealing applications – indoors and out.


  • Flame resistant. Meets U.L. 746C (File E 122798) and 723, Class “L” low flammability rating (File R 7311).
  • Forza aluminum foil tape 425 can be certified to meet L-T-80C.
  • Meets requirements of FAR 25.853(a).
  • The very low moisture vapor transmission rate makes these tapes a good sealant.
  • The acrylic adhesive, combined with the durable aluminum backing, offers ideal properties for long serviceable life in and outdoors.
  • Good candidate as a maskant in electroplating of aluminum because it will not contaminate the bath.
  • Aluminum backing provides excellent reflection of both heat and light.
  • Best results obtained when applied to a clean, dry surface above 32°F (0°C).

IMPORTANT: These tapes are not intended for medical usage. Neither Forza nor the Food and Drug Administration have evaluated or reviewed this tape for medical application. Forza does not recommend or endorse the usage of the aluminum tape for medical application. User assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection with usage of product in a medical application.

How to Use

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  • 3.5″
  • Custom Sizing Available


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