Adhesive Automation

adhesive automation

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Automation and adhesives – is automation right for you?

Well hey, it depends entirely on your application!

Adhesive automation typically means streamlining the adhesive application process by using automatic spray heads or robotics, instead of applying adhesive by hand. Automation can control the path, volume and speed at which the adhesive is dispensed. The most common techniques are contact dispensing, jet-forming dispensing, and dynamic drop dispensing, but can basically do anything from filling to spraying to dispensing dots, lines, and beads. Adhesive automation solutions are very diverse, and can be a robust and cost-effective solution to your adhesive challenges.

Adhesive Automation

Adhesive automation is best for applications where high production or large areas to be covered are needed, and can be very efficient for small parts assembly. Adhesive automation is used across many industries, including but not limited to, the aerospace, transportation, renewable energy, electronics, healthcare and display industries.

What are the benefits of adhesive automation?  Well for one, they are very easy to use – all you have to do to operate the machine, is load and position the materials, and then press start! Adhesive automation machines are highly controllable, and can be programmed down to the millimeter. They have a far greater ability to accurately and evenly dispense adhesives than other processes. 

Using automation prevents operator fatigue, lowers labor expenses, minimizes downtime, and maintains a greater capacity for production. These machines are highly reliable, consistent and precise, optimizing yield results and minimizing waste. Automation machines are designed to decrease the chance of part failures and to reduce rework/scrap, improving the quality of finished parts. They offer a long service life, and can repeatedly dispense adhesives simultaneously on multiple parts/components, increasing output, speed, cost-effectiveness and time savings. They can even be used to dispense adhesive in hard-to-reach places, and can be used in hazardous work conditions. Automating your adhesives will result in a safer and cleaner work environment, and will increase your ROI.

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