Product Spotlight: MaxRelease 2200X

MaxRelease 2200X

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What is MaxRelease 2200X?

Forzacoat MaxRelease 2200X is a naturally derived biodegradable concrete form release agent, and is part of our FormO2 series of sustainable products. It is specifically designed to react with concrete to form a barrier, allowing for a clean release of formwork. It sustains the formwork throughout extensive reuse, limiting concrete buildup on the formwork and reducing the need for cleanup.

MaxRelease 2200X is a non-staining release agent, and uses a revolutionary technology that minimizes surface defects on the hardened concrete. It is non-flammable and won’t freeze, so can be used in any temperature. MR 2200X contains no odor, VOCs or HAPs – making it safe for the environment and the user. It utilizes a timesaving and cost effective pre-pressurized canister system that is ready to spray!

The canister system is a simple and easy-to-use system consisting of a pre-pressurized canister, and a hose, spray gun and spray tip. MaxRelease 2200X requires no mixing or excess equipment, and the system is portable and ergonomic to use. The hose, gun and spray tip are reusable, drastically reducing equipment costs and maintenance.

With the canister system, MaxRelease 2200X is twice as fast as the form release agents that are typically used on concrete, and has a much higher yield. One 22L canister provides approximately 22,000-25,000 square feet of coverage, which is equal to about 3 5 gallon pails of traditional form release agents. It creates much less waste than traditional spray methods, and provides up to 3 times the coverage!

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