Adhesive Terms

Adhesive Terms

Adhesive Terminology: A Comprehensive Guide

Common Adhesive Terms, Explained There are so many adhesive terms floating around out there – you’ve probably heard them all but don’t know what half of them mean. So…we present to you, our all-inclusive list of adhesive terms and definitions! If there’s anything you think is missing, let us know! CA-Compliant: The product has low or […]

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solids content

What is Solids Content?

What does “solids content” mean? Solids content is a term often used when discussing adhesives, particularly solvent-based adhesives, where the solvent serves as a carrier for the solid/non-volatile content. So what does the term “solids content” refer to?  “Solids content” refers to the amount of base product (proportion of non-volatile material) left in the adhesive

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Adhesive Strength Tests

Common Adhesive Strength Tests

Common Adhesive Strength Tests Terms, Defined When it comes to adhesive strength, there’s three main tests to determine the strength – tensile, shear and peel. That’s why we talked about adhesive strength tests. These tests are all used to determine how effective an adhesive will be when bonding certain types of materials. You’ve probably heard a

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