Hot-Melt Adhesives

Forzabond H805

Product Spotlight: Forzabond H805

Forzabond H805 Forzabond H805 is one of our hotmelt adhesives. It is an aggressive PSA (pressure-sensitive) hotmelt which is often used to replace PUR hotmelts. H805 can bond vinyls, polypropylene and other plastics, as well as metal and other difficult-to-bond substrates. Although used across many industries, it is most commonly used for garage door panels. […]

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Forzabond H156

Product Spotlight: Forzabond H156

Forzabond H156 Forzabond H156 is a high-performance acrylic hot melt adhesive, used across a variety of industries. It is designed for multiple different applications, and can bond many different substrates, including difficult-to-bond substrates. One of the main benefits of H156 is that it can quickly bond plastics. As well as plastics, it can also bond concrete,

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