Is Your Vendor an Ally?

is your vendor an ally

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Industrial Adhesive Users: Is Your Vendor an Ally?

First of all, what’s the definition of an ally? To combine or unite a resource or commodity with another for mutual benefit.

At Applichem, our mission is to:

  • Create allies by providing adhesive and tape solutions; and

  • Support our customers, employees and the wider community

We strive to become an adhesive ally, so that when industry requires an adhesive or tape solution, they think of Applichem.

What are the things that Applichem does, that set us apart from other vendors?

  • On-site evaluation – our skilled adhesive experts will visit you onsite, to learn more about, and evaluate, the adhesives and processes you’re currently using.

  • Custom solutions – we realize that not every application is a one-size-fits-all situation, so that’s why we offer custom solutions.

  • In-house lab testing – whether it be an adhesive in our current lineup, or a custom solution, we can test these solutions in our in-house lab.

  • Product stocking for just-in-time delivery – Don’t have a lot of storage room? No worries, we can stock your adhesives at our warehouse for just-in-time delivery!

  • Extensive consulting services – we will ensure you are using the best product available, and will work with you to meet whatever the spec is you’re needing!

  • Sampling of products – want to try new adhesives in your manufacturing, but aren’t quite ready to commit to large orders? Simply ask, and we’ll send out a sample for you to try!

Learn more about how we do it.

We’d love to be your ally – contact us today for your own customized solution!

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