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Product Spotlight: Forzabond R160

What is Forzabond R160?

Forzabond R160 is one of our structural adhesives, a 100% reactive, 2-part 5-minute epoxy. Its 1:1 ratio allows for easy mixing and dispensing, and it can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Forzabond R160 has very fast cure time, with a 3-minute work life, and 8-minute handling strength. It can withstand a wide range of temperature conditions, with a -60º F to 250º F service temperature range. It is resistant to water, salt, vehicle fuels and fluids, and many other substances. One of the best features of R160, is its ability to eliminate the need for nails and other fasteners!

R160 provides a tenacious bond to wood, concrete, fiberglass, and most thermoset plastics. It is often used for carpeting applications, bonding carpet tack strip to concrete, metal, wood, and various other floor surfaces – the carpet may be stretched as soon as 20 minutes after application! It can also be used in applications such as bonding metal balusters to wood handrails.

Curious to know if you can use R160 in your application? Contact us today, and let us know your application and the substrates you’re bonding – we’d be happy to provide our recommendations!