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2-Part vs Single-Part Adhesives

Two-Part vs Single-Part Adhesives – How do They Compare?

Which type of adhesive is best for my application?

First of all, lets explain what each adhesive is, and what they do. 2-part adhesives, are any adhesive that needs two parts to be mixed in order to cure. Single-part adhesives, are any adhesive that will cure on its own, without a second part.

How do these two adhesives compare? Well, 2-part adhesives have a faster cure time, need no moisture, heat or light to cure, and are generally stronger than single part adhesives. They are more flexible and will bond almost anything. Single-part adhesives are easier to use, and require no mixing. 

So when should you use each kind of adhesive? 2-part adhesives are generally used when structural strength is needed, but it depends on the substrates and application, which adhesive is the better solution. Contact us today and let us know your application – we’d love to help you out!