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Product Spotlight: Forzaseal OS2

Forzaseal OS2

Forzaseal OS2 is one of our non-hazardous ms polymer moisture cure sealants. It seals/bonds many applications in the marine, trailer, transportation and other outdoor activity industries. It can also be used for general industry applications, as well as in the composites and signage industries. OS2 bonds a large variety of materials, including polystyrene foam board, aluminum, brass, steel, glass, granite, wood and many plastics. This high-strength, 100% solids sealant comes in multiple different colors and sizes, to suit all of your applications!

Forzaseal OS2 is easy to apply, and retains its strong bond through impact, peel and flex. It is highly weather resistant, and can resist a wide range of temperature conditions, including cold weather (properties retained to -75° F). This sealant is non-staining and non-yellowing, and can be painted in most applications. OS2 is non-sagging, does not form bubbles, shrink or crack, and remains permanently flexible and durable.

Curious to know where you can use OS2 in your application? Contact us, and let us know your application and the substrates you’re using, and we would be happy to provide our recommendations! To learn more about this type of sealant, check out our urethanes vs ms polymers blog.