2-part adhesives

Forzabond R221

Product Spotlight: Forzabond R221

Forzabond R221 Forzabond R221 is one of our 2-part hybrid epoxy adhesives, and is commonly used for structural bonding in the marine, fiberglass manufacturing, and trailer industries. Being a modified flexible epoxy adhesive, Forzabond R221 can be used in many different applications. It can structurally bond wood, ceramics, metals, composites, concrete and FRP, as well …

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Forzabond R519

Product Spotlight: Forzabond R519

Forzabond R519 – what is it? Forzabond R519 is one of our 2-part methacrylate adhesives, designed to bond a wide range of substrates in the marine, transportation, trailer and fiberglass industries. This adhesive is commonly used in structural bonding, to eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners. Within these industries, Forzabond R519 bonds a vast range …

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