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Product Spotlight: Forzabond R221

Forzabond R221

Forzabond R221 is one of our 2-part hybrid epoxy adhesives, and is commonly used for structural bonding in the marine, fiberglass manufacturing, and trailer industries.

Being a modified flexible epoxy adhesive, Forzabond R221 can be used in many different applications. It can structurally bond wood, ceramics, metals, composites, concrete and FRP, as well as many other substrates. R221 is also used in applications where flexible bond line is desired. This adhesive is as strong as most methyl-methacrylate adhesives, so can be a great alternative product.

Forzabond R221 has many benefits, and outperforms most “brittle” 2-part adhesives. It is 100% solids, and creates no heat, shrinkage or cracking. Minimal surface preparation is required to use R221, and its 1:1 ratio allows for easy mixing and dispensing. Once dry, this adhesive remains light stable and UV resistant.

Want to know how you can use this adhesive in your applications? Contact us today, and let us know your industry, applications, and substrates – we would love to advise you on the best adhesives and process for your applications!