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Structural Adhesives

Forzabond OA4

Product Spotlight: Forzabond OA4

Forzabond OA4 Forzabond OA4 is a high-strength single-part structural adhesive/sealant, used across a variety of industries, including the composites, signage, marine, trailer and transportation industries. This performance polymer moisture cure adhesive bonds a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, brass, steel, glass, granite, wood, and many plastics. Forzabond OA4 is non-corrosive, non-staining, and non-yellowing, and …

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Structural Adhesives vs Mechanical Fasteners

Structural Adhesives vs Mechanical Fasteners

Structural Adhesives vs Mechanical Fasteners Structural adhesives are a powerful alternative to traditional mechanical fasteners. They offer superior strength, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use in manufacturing processes. Unlike mechanical fasteners, which only distribute holding power at the point of attachment, structural adhesives distribute holding power along the entire bond line, resulting in a stronger bond. …

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Epoxy vs Methacrylate vs Urethane

Epoxy vs Methacrylate vs Urethane

Epoxy vs methacrylate vs urethane adhesives…what are they? They are all 2-part structural adhesives, but they have different ingredients and uses. They are all great alternatives to mechanical fasteners, uniformly distributing stress over the entire bond line, resulting in cost-savings and an increase in production capabilities. They have high cohesive strength and can permanently bond …

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Moisture-Cure Urethanes

Moisture-Cure Urethanes

How do Moisture-Cure Urethanes Work? Moisture-cure urethanes are single-part structural polyurethane reactive adhesives that require moisture to cure. They are known as “reactive” adhesives because they need a catalyst, in this case exposure to moisture, to begin the chemical reaction of curing. Dispensing equipment needs to be completely sealed so that no moisture can get …

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Methacrylate Adhesives

Methacrylates: Dispelling the Myths

Methacrylate Adhesives: Dispelling the Myths There’s a lot of theories floating around out there about methacrylates, so we thought we’d try to dispel some of the myths! So what are methacrylates? Methacrylates are 2-part acrylic structural adhesives, composing of a resin and a hardener. They are commonly used in the composites, transportation, aerospace, wind energy, marine …

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