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Tapes vs Adhesives

Tapes, or Adhesives?

So you need to bond something, but don’t know whether to use adhesives or tapes. Which is better? It really depends entirely on your application, as both are able to bond things permanently or temporarily. They both have their unique advantages and disadvantages, and both can be used across all industries!

Adhesives are usually stronger than tapes, but they take longer to set up, and are messier to work with. They also come with more equipment, and take a bit more time to apply. Tapes, on the other hand, provide an immediate bond and produce no mess, but they typically aren’t quite so strong as adhesives. That being said, there are so many different types of both adhesives and tapes, that there is probably both an adhesive and a tape that work for each application.

So what should you use? It depends on the application, but also the process you’re using and your individual needs. Let us know your application, your process and the substrates you’re bonding, and we can help you determine whether an adhesive or tape is the best solution for the job. We can even provide a custom solution for you if need be – just contact us! We’d love to help you out!