Temporary vs Permanent Fixturing

Temporary vs Permanent Fixturing

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Temporary vs permanent fixturing – what’s the scoop?

You may have thought that all tapes and adhesives are permanent, but this isn’t always the case. There are many different applications out there, and not all of them need to be permanent, so there have been adhesives and tapes manufactured for all different applications.

What are the differences? Temporary fixturing is an application that only needs to be bonded for a short amount of time, whereas permanent fixturing is an application that needs to be bonded permanently. Both adhesives or tapes can be used for either type of application.

So does your application require temporary or permanent fixturing? Every application should be individually assessed by an adhesive expert, to ensure you find the best solution for your needs. At Applichem, we love to guide our allies through to adhesive success – so contact us today, and we will happily provide our recommendations!

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