Hidden Costs of Air-Assist Units

Hidden Costs of Air-Assist Units

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What are your costs for running an air-assist unit?

An air-assist unit is a system that uses air to assist in spraying adhesive. These adhesive systems are typically used in place of non-sprayable adhesives, as they are quicker and easier to use.

Hidden Costs of Air-Assist Units

Although air-assist units may seem like the best solution for adhesive delivery, there are some hidden costs involved. For one, these systems require an airline, which will create an additional line to have to work with while spraying. With all the different components, it can be confusing for users to determine how to use the equipment. The equipment requires a lot of maintenance, which can get quite costly. There is also a lot of overspray with this system, meaning there can be a lot of adhesive wastage, as well as high air emissions.

So is there a way to quickly apply adhesive, without running into all these issues? Yep! This is where canister systems come in!

Canister systems are a portable, pressurized system with minimal equipment and user training needed. All the system requires to operate, is a pressurized canister of adhesive, a hose, gun and spray tip – no external air is needed! The spray pattern is adjusted by a knob on the spray gun, so overspray is greatly reduced, making for a cleaner and healthier experience. Minimal equipment maintenance is needed, saving the user both time and money!

Curious to learn more about canister systems, and how you can use them in your application? Contact us, and let us know your application and the substrates you’re bonding. As your adhesive ally, we would love to guide you through to an adhesive solution!

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