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Product Spotlight: Forzabond 81-0389

Forzabond 81-0389 – what is it?

Forzabond 81-0389 is a high solids, high strength contact adhesive. It is used primarily in the aircraft manufacturing and refurbishing industries, but can also be used for general industry applications.

81-0389 is a versatile adhesive with good initial tack. It provides an excellent, thorough coverage and provides a fast, high tack. 80% of final strength is achieved immediately, and full strength is achieved in 1-3 days. 81-0389 is fast drying with a long open time (30-45 minutes), and has a high heat/temperature resistance. With its good combinability, it results in rapid bonding of lightweight parts.

Forzabond 81-0389 is designed for general bonding to many aircraft substrates via brush, roller, or bulk liquid spray equipment. It is ideal for furniture and cabinets, and especially good for laminating flexible materials to panels. 81-0389 bonds foam, laminate, leather, veneers, fabrics, upholstery, wood, rubber, melamine, metals, cork, fiberglass and many plastics. It comes in multiple sizes to suit your individual needs.

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