Adhesives in Trailer Manufacturing

Structural Adhesives

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Structural adhesives – how can they be used in the manufacturing of trailers?

Structural adhesives can bond many substrates, and are commonly used to replace mechanical fasteners, rivets and welding in trailer applications, such as structural bonding frames, side skins, nose cones, and many other applications. These adhesives eliminate puncture points, making a nicer looking trailer and improving structural integrity, as they distribute the load over a wider area. 

Structural adhesives are easy to apply, and do not require skilled labor, reducing assembly costs and time, and increasing output. They are gap-filling, highly flexible, and will not degrade or crack over time, reducing noise and vibration. Structural adhesives have high peel strength and elongation, offer corrosion protection, and are highly resistant to UV, liquids and chemicals. They cure quickly even at low temperatures, providing a very durable, reliable and long-lasting bond.

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