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Product Spotlight: Forzatape T461

Forzatape T461 – what is it?

Forzatape T461 is one of our synthetic rubber transfer tapes, and is used across a variety of industries, including the insulation and signage industries. It is used for mounting trim, insulation and laminating panels, as well as for fixing edging, signs, and decorative edging and panels.

T461 is very easy to use, as it has an extended release liner which is quick and easy to remove. T461 is very aggressive, providing a strong bond in both hot and cold temperature conditions. It has an application temperature range of 0°F (-17°C) to 120°F (49°C). This tape also weathers and ages well, and does not become brittle with age. 

Curious on how you can use Forzatape T461 in your applications? Contact us today and let us know your application and the substrates you’re bonding – as your adhesive ally, we would love to provide our recommendations!