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Product Spotlight: ForzaBond IC932

ForzaBond IC932 – what is it? ForzaBond IC932 is a non-flammable, non-methylene chloride web spray canister system adhesive. It is a multi-purpose adhesive which bonds a variety of different substrates. It bonds applications across a variety of industries, including the woodworking, foam/fabric and pipe insulation industries. IC932 bonds laminate, foam, metal/aluminum sheeting, plastics and MDF, as […]

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PSA vs Contact Adhesives

PSA vs Contact Adhesives

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives PSA vs Contact Adhesives PSA vs contact adhesives: how do they compare? PSA’s (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives) are adhesives that stay tacky once dry, and contact adhesives are adhesives that, once coated on both substrates, stick to themselves. PSA’s can bond many substrates, but are typically used for temporary bonds or on extremely

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Product Spotlight: ForzaBond P308

ForzaBond P308 – what is it? P308 is one of the pressurized canister system adhesives that we carry, a real performer in the industry! Which industry? Well, several. Marine and transportation, to name a few. If you fit into one of these industries, continue reading below! ForzaBond P308 is a web spray contact adhesive, best used on carpeting

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Aircraft Interior Adhesive

Aircraft Interior Adhesive

An Aircraft Interior Adhesive At Forza Inc, we have partnered with companies in the aircraft industry, to create a versatile contact adhesive designed specifically for aviation interior refurbishment. With our Aircraft Interior Adhesive, you’ll have a solution that: Has excellent coverage Bonds many substrates found in aircraft interiors Provides rapid bonding of lightweight parts Has good

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Forzabond 81-0389

Product Spotlight: Forzabond 81-0389

Forzabond 81-0389 – what is it? Forzabond 81-0389 is a high solids, high strength contact adhesive. It is used primarily in the aircraft manufacturing and refurbishing industries, but can also be used for general industry applications. 81-0389 is a versatile adhesive with good initial tack. It provides an excellent, thorough coverage and provides a fast, high tack. 80% of

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Product Spotlight: ForzaBond IC933

ForzaBond IC933 ForzaBond IC933 is a CA compliant contact adhesive. It’s a multi-purpose canister system adhesive that provides a very aggressive bond to nearly any surface. IC933 can be used in applications across a variety of industries, including the woodworking, insulation, transportation and signage industries, as well as in many general industry applications. ForzaBond IC933

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