Infusion Molding Tackifier

Better Tackifier For Infusion Molding

What tackifier are you using for infusion molding? What impact does it have on the environment, your employees, and your manufacturing process? These are questions you should consider when choosing the best products for your infusion molding process. It’s important for you to understand if your tackifier is resin compatible, if it has sufficient tack …

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Adhesives for Fiberglass

Structural Adhesives for Fiberglass

Structural Adhesives for Fiberglass Manufacturing Why are structural adhesives such a good choice for fiberglass manufacturing? First of all, let’s explain what structural adhesives and fiberglass are. A structural adhesive is basically an adhesive that can withstand high pressure for long periods of time, and fiberglass is a lightweight composite material with extremely high structural …

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manufactured housing adhesive

Manufactured Housing Adhesives

Manufactured Housing Adhesives: A Special Solution At Applichem Inc, we have partnered with prefab home and building manufacturers, to create a revolutionary adhesive. An adhesive that: Meets ASTM D6464, D3498 and E72 (on American, National and USG Boards) Standards Has a quick and easy application, with a controllable bead Is low cost, with low maintenance …

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A Composites Adhesive

A Composites Adhesive

An Adhesive for Composites Manufacturers Did you know…that your current adhesive used for infusion molding could actually be a contaminant and could be harming your part’s structural integrity? Have you thought in Composites Adhesive? At Applichem Inc, we understand the issues and have partnered with composite manufacturers to develop a revolutionary solution. The product is designed …

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Aircraft Interior Adhesive

Aircraft Interior Adhesive

An Aircraft Interior Adhesive At Applichem Inc, we have partnered with companies in the aircraft industry, to create a versatile contact adhesive designed specifically for aviation interior refurbishment. With our Aircraft Interior Adhesive, you’ll have a solution that: Has excellent coverage Bonds many substrates found in aircraft interiors Provides rapid bonding of lightweight parts Has good …

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Forzacoat Aqua-Shield

Product Spotlight: Aqua-Shield

What is Aqua-Shield? Forzacoat Aqua-Shield is an environmentally-friendly mist spray marine growth inhibitor, used in numerous applications across the marine industry. It works by creating a slick surface, which then prevents barnacles, mussels and other marine growth from attaching to the surface. Aqua-Shield is used on boat hulls, propellers, docks, buoys or anything else in the …

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Forzabond 81-0389

Product Spotlight: Forzabond 81-0389

Forzabond 81-0389 – what is it? Forzabond 81-0389 is a high solids, high strength contact adhesive. It is used primarily in the aircraft manufacturing and refurbishing industries, but can also be used for general industry applications. 81-0389 is a versatile adhesive with good initial tack. It provides an excellent, thorough coverage and provides a fast, high tack. 80% of …

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Structural Adhesives

Adhesives in Trailer Manufacturing

Structural adhesives – how can they be used in the manufacturing of trailers? Structural adhesives can bond many substrates, and are commonly used to replace mechanical fasteners, rivets and welding in trailer applications, such as structural bonding frames, side skins, nose cones, and many other applications. These adhesives eliminate puncture points, making a nicer looking trailer …

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