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Product Spotlight: ForzaBond P308

ForzaBond P308 – what is it? P308 is one of the pressurized canister system adhesives that we carry, a real performer in the industry! Which industry? Well, several. Marine and transportation, to name a few. If you fit into one of these industries, continue reading below! ForzaBond P308 is a web spray contact adhesive, best used on carpeting

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Product Spotlight: ForzaBond S101

ForzaBond S101 ForzaBond S101 is a citrus cleaner/adhesive remover, available in aerosols and canister systems. It has a pleasant citrus scent, and is not a harsh solvent. ForzaBond S101 is non-corrosive and biodegradable, designed to safely remove adhesives and other tough substances across all industries. With its excellent cleaning and degreasing power, ForzaBond S101 is

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Product Spotlight: ForzaTAPE™ T532

ForzaTAPE™ T532 ForzaTAPE™ T532 is one of our double-coated tapes – a pressure-sensitive foam mounting tape with a highly aggressive synthetic rubber adhesive. ForzaTAPE™ T532 is used across many different industries, but is most commonly used in the display and signage industry for the manufacturing and maintenance of signs, trophies, plaques, name plates and other similar applications.

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Forzabond R221

Product Spotlight: Forzabond R221

Forzabond R221 Forzabond R221 is one of our 2-part hybrid epoxy adhesives, and is commonly used for structural bonding in the marine, fiberglass manufacturing, and trailer industries. Being a modified flexible epoxy adhesive, Forzabond R221 can be used in many different applications. It can structurally bond wood, ceramics, metals, composites, concrete and FRP, as well

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Forzabond R519

Product Spotlight: Forzabond R519

Forzabond R519 – what is it? Forzabond R519 is one of our 2-part methacrylate adhesives, designed to bond a wide range of substrates in the marine, transportation, trailer and fiberglass industries. This adhesive is commonly used in structural bonding, to eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners. Within these industries, Forzabond R519 bonds a vast range

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Forzacoat Aqua-Shield

Product Spotlight: Aqua-Shield

What is Aqua-Shield? Forzacoat Aqua-Shield is an environmentally-friendly mist spray marine growth inhibitor, used in numerous applications across the marine industry. It works by creating a slick surface, which then prevents barnacles, mussels and other marine growth from attaching to the surface. Aqua-Shield is used on boat hulls, propellers, docks, buoys or anything else in the

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Product Spotlight: ForzaSEAL™ OS4

ForzaSEAL™ OS4 ForzaSEAL™ OS4 is one of our silicone sealants, a non-hazardous, moisture-cure adhesive/sealant. It is used across a wide variety of industries and applications, as it will stick to just about anything. It is used for general industrial sealing and bonding applications and is used in a number of diverse sealing and bonding applications,

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MaxRelease 2200X

Product Spotlight: MaxRelease 2200X

What is MaxRelease 2200X? Forzacoat MaxRelease 2200X is a naturally derived biodegradable concrete form release agent, and is part of our FormO2 series of sustainable products. It is specifically designed to react with concrete to form a barrier, allowing for a clean release of formwork. It sustains the formwork throughout extensive reuse, limiting concrete buildup on

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